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(Master of Business Administration)

2 Years Course

(Master of Computer Application)

2 Years Course

Our Promise

For the students in our program, Jagran Institute of Management is not a final destination, but an important point of transition that prepares them for the opportunities that lie ahead. That's why Career Services is an integral part of any JIM experience. To make your degree as rewarding as possible, we create time for personal and professional reflection that allows you to immerse yourself in MBA & MCA Programs.

Visitor's Speak

Dr. H C Mario Schmidt Managing Director Lingel Window and Doors Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The management was impeccable .It is wonderful to be a part of the 5th International Conference. I wish best of luck to all the students ,faculties and management of the institute.I would like to appreciate the institute's commitment to providing industry-relevant training and exposure to the students.

Mr. Samuel Paul N. I.A.S MD Kanpur Electricity Supply Company (KESCo)

Really a pleasure to be present as Guest of Honour in the Convocation Ceremony, best wishes for the candidates sent to the institution. The faculty and staff at Jagran Institute are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about their respective fields.

Prof. Narendra Mohan Director National Sugar Institute, Govt.Of India

Awesome environment with very good support staff and coordinators. Students were disciplined and confident, I believe this would build on mutual relationships further. Nice feeling to be here with great facilities and wonderful faculty and good infrastructure too.

Mr. Sudeep Goenka Director Goldiee Group

The Environment in institute is like Gurukul.The learning is practical than theory.Kudos to Management & Vision & implementation by Faculty.

Mr. Umang Srivastava Joint Managing Director BONITA, Casa Brands India Pvt. Ltd – India and Aristos Brands Inc.- USA

The Institute has excellent interaction and strong partnerships between academia and industry exhibited in several areas including placements, curriculum redesign, and faculty re-orientation and also in transforming the pedagogy. The mentoring of budding entrepreneurs and supporting innovation initiatives is appreciated.

Dr. Rakhi Gupta Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University (BHU) Varanasi UP India.

Best wishes for the success of all associated with the Institute. I am delighted to learn that the Institute promotes commitment to sincerity and honesty among the young students and also works to develop values of integrity, earnestness and willingness to serve others through their social sensitization programmes thus leaving a positive social impact.

Dr. Narendra Kohli Professor Computer Science & Engineering Department, HBTU, Kanpur

Good institute with knowledgeable and dedicated faculty, extremely rich library and well equipped Computer Labs. I am happy to contribute here as Session chair in this International Conference. Such activities help students further to understand the application of the concepts learnt from textbooks.

Dr. Madeline Associate Professor Faculty of Economics & Management University Kebangsaan, Malaysia

JIM is doing well in educating and preparing students to be future-ready and developing them to discard their “tunnel" vision to look at the bigger picture in their exhilarating career journey. After all, the future managers must be trained to deal with all aspects of life with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dy. Director Government of India, Ministry of MSME - Development Institute, Kanpur

JIM is doing well in connecting the young Indians to management education with an aim to grow in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs. Its pedagogy has redefined the management education in terms of employability and developing an entrepreneurship culture among students.

Mr. Rajesh Saluja CEO & MD ASK Wealth Advisor.

" I had a great interaction & experience addressing students. Their eagerness and curiosity to learn more was overwhelming. ”

Mr. Hemant Sharma Co-Founder Vnurt Technology - Bangalore

"Unparallel student audience, very attentive and disciplined. Loved the interaction and look forward for more such sessions”

Mr. Kisore Biyani CEO Future Group.

"Excellent leadership and obligation of promoters will undoubtedly take Jagran Institute of Management to greater heights. "

Mr. Naveen Jindal Exec. Vice Chairman and MD.
Jindal Steel and Power
Limited and MP Lok Sabha

"It is great to see the remarkable success achieved by Jagran Institute of Management in such a short span of time."

Dr. M.K. Tiwari Regional Officer & Assistant
Director AICTE Northern
Regional Office

A wonderful organization equipping students with quality education in general and its practical component in particular thus developing an employable workforce.

Dr. Amey KarKare Associate Professor
Dept. of CSE,
IIT, Kanpur

Good performer in Information Technology Discipline with strong industry linkage feeding the huge market demand for IT professionals.

Mr. Rajendra K. Bera Chief Mentor, Acadinnet
Education Services,
Bangalore, India

Delighted to be here. Beautiful Campus and well equipped. Perfect for providing outstanding quality management education along with an armoury of skills needed to excel in life.

Mr. H.K. Sehgal Ex-Vice Chancellor
C.S.J.M. University,

"Very inspiring Infrastructure and learning environment. I wish them all the best."

Dr. MLB Bhatt Vice Chancellor
King George’s Medical University,

"Highly impressed by the impressive infrastructure present with this great institute. My heartiest congratulations to & best wishes to the institute."

Mr. Vikas Jain Keynote and Motivational Speaker

"It was a great experience interacting with students of Jagran Institute of Management. Happy to inspire them."

Student's Testimonial

"JIM has helped me in developing a great character and also helped exceed in the corporate life the teachers have been very supportive and provided guidance which helps me till date.I am very grateful for all the opportunities that this institute presented me with. "

Varun Sharma MBA
Batch 2019-21
Company – American Express

"I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding facilities and excellent placements provided by Jagran Institute of Management. I feel privileged to be a part of such a remarkable institution that truly prioritizes our growth and future prospects. "

Princy Roy MBA
Batch 2019-21
Company – Paisalo Digital Ltd.

"It was an enriching experience to study at Jagran Institute of management. I am really thankful to the faculties as well as to other working staff at this college that shaped me as a person they have been really very supportive. Customized Professional Development and grooming Programs in final year for Interview’s Perspective had been very much enrichinng.They have inspired and prepared me to achieve my dream job. "

Nitin Gupta MCA
Batch 2018-21
Company – Heuristics Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

"I would like to appreciate the institute's efforts in nurturing our holistic development. A part from academics, Jagran Institute of Management regularly organizes various co-curricular and extracurricular activities that cater to our diverse interests and talents. These activities not only provide us with an opportunity to showcase our skills but also foster teamwork, creativity, and leadership qualities. "

Alima Akhtar MCA
Batch 2020-22
Company – Incedo Inc.

"Thank you for providing us with an extraordinary educational experience that has exceeded our expectations.I appreciate and feel immense gratitude for the outstanding facilities and excellent placements provided by Jagran Institute of management. "

Anshul Tiwari PGDM
Batch 2018-20
Company – Zymrat

"When you come to study with a brand like Jagran you always have high hopes and aspirations JIM has lived up to all its standards starting from my admission in college to the two years of academics and activities and finally getting placed and achieving heights in the job. "

Saurabh Gangwar PGDM
Batch 2006-08
Company – Jagran, Kanpur

"I still miss my two years of learning at JIM, if given a chance I would happily come back and cherish those memories and re-live that life. "

Isha Rayyat PGDM
Batch -2007-09
Company Big bazaar, Kanpur

"I was pleasantly surprised to see professors’ willingness to make students learn and excel at new concepts. Their explanations were very simple so that we could all grasp the concepts. "

Ankita Mishra PGDM
Batch -2008-10
Company Biocon, Bangalore

"JIM provided me the best platform to groom myself academically as well as personally. I owe my thanks to my teachers for bringing out the best in me. They have motivated me to perform better in my job as well. "

Reetika Gupta MCA
Batch -2008-11
Company Jagran Prakasan Ltd.,Kanpur

"At the college level a student receives the required knowledge and skills which helped me in refining myself and being eligible for this corporate world. "

Abhishek Kumar MCA
Batch -2008-11
Company Wipro Infotech, Gurugram.

"JIM helped me in gaining experience at both social and professional levels. I still love this place and respect those who helped me to gain such a position in the industry. I am still in contact with my good friends of those days. "

Gajendra Singh Yadav MCA
Batch -2009-12
Company LG Electronics

"The best aspect about our classroom lectures is the level at which we engage with our lecturers and classmates. Each class ends up being a real brainstorming session which leads to developing solutions to problems. "

Ramandeep Singh MCA
Batch -2009-12
Company AON Hewitt

"Every student has a desire to be in a good college with great academics and learning environment, I have loved my stay here and still cherish the beautiful memories of the past. Even when we were competing against each other in competitions our values were still intact. "

Vineet Tripathi MCA
Batch -2009-12
Company Tech Mahindra

"choosing JIM for my three year Post graduation course of MCA was the best decision of my life. I thoroughly enjoyed my days here and the kind of training sessions and practical knowledge that we got in college has helped me in my life. "

Pushpa Sharma MCA
Batch -2009-12
Company DRDO Delhi

"JIM is an excellent institution of higher learning enriching its students with very practical insights relative to the theoretical knowledge provided here. The faculty and management have been very supportive, nourishing the students with industrial knowledge and also getting them placed. "

Sonal Bajpai MCA
Batch -2010-13
Company IIT, Mumbai

"My journey at JIM has been an adventurous learning experience.JIM provides the students a mix of both academic theory and practical business experience. It has allowed me to develop my leadership and team building skills, allowing me to nourish a career in the right direction. "

Pooja Maheshwari MCA
Batch -2010-13
Company IBM Technologies

"I have been receiving rewards and recognition at my workplace, all the credit goes to the quality education given to me at JIM. "

Pulkit Gupta PGDM
Batch -2011-13
Company Union Bank, Varanasi

"Rigorous training at Jagran is the key to my personal and professional success, my skills and knowledge greatly improved in the two years that I was there. "

Sneha Gupta PGDM
Batch -2011-13
Company Hexaurum Consultants, Bangalore

"My two years at the campus was the most amazing time of my life, I loved the teaching methods and the activities at college. Sincerity and regularity are the two virtues that JIM has inculcated in me which has helped me climb the career ladder. "

Aishwary Kabra PGDM
Batch 2012-14
Company – Drools, Pune

"I owe my success to this college whether it was the teachers, teaching methods, learning environment, trip everything has a positive impact on my life today. It has shaped my personality for the better and I started receiving good feedback for my performance in my first job itself. "

Yogendra Singh PGDM
Batch 2012-14
Company – Myntra, Gurugram

"Everyone comes with a dream of getting a great job before joining PGDM and my dream was fulfilled at JIM by getting placed for a profile and location I had dreamt of. "

Sarita Rochlani PGDM
Batch 2012-14
Company – I place USA, Pune

"Post graduation is the last time to be a student and while we at JIM we enjoyed every bit of it. The education that we got proved to be very useful for all of us in the corporate world. "

Vishakha Bharara PGDM
Batch 2012-14
Company – Nokia,Gurugram

" My three years at JIM have groomed me to be a confident individual ready to enter the corporate world and has deepened this confidence by helping me get a job in my dream organization. "

Umesh Chandra Saini MCA
Batch -2012-15
Company DELL Noida

"Joining PGDM course at JIM was a life changing decision for me. I am happy to have chosen this course to shape my life. "

Dharmesh Kr Srivastava PGDM
Batch -2015-17
Company Pepsico India

"Doing a management course equips you and prepares you for the corporate world. My post graduation has shaped my career and created a vision for me with various presentations, case studies, guest lectures at JIM."

Saurav Yadav PGDM
Batch 2016-18
Company -99acres.com, Gurugram

"I was always one of the good scorers but my presentation skills highly improved with regular presentations in every trimester. I was always interested in beauty and personal care industry and I got placed in VLCC. ”

Aastha Gupta PGDM
Batch 2016-18
Company – VLCC, Kanpur

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