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Best Education For Management & Computer Application.

We strongly believe that excellence in both Teaching & Research are our twin objectives
that shape the activity of our students and faculty.

We choose the very best, and make them better.

Surround yourself with inspiration, achieve excellence and make your dream become your future.
Join our learning resource center for a life changing experience.

Jagran Institute of Management is really an invitation

we encourage you to challenge your assumptions, acquire new skills, examine unfamiliar possibilities,
and imagine unexpected opportunities and, most of all

(Master of Business Administration)

2 Years Course

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(Master of Computer Application)

2 Years Course

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Our Promise

For the students in our program, Jagran Institute of Management is not a final destination, but an important point of transition that prepares them for the opportunities that lie ahead. That's why Career Services is an integral part of any JIM experience. To make your degree as rewarding as possible, we create time for personal and professional reflection that allows you to immerse yourself in MBA & MCA Programs.

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