Program Objective – MCA

● MCA program learning experience is shaped by its cross-functional approach to Information Communication and Computing Technology, innovative teaching methodologies and excellent environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration.
● Students at JIM are exposed to an in depth education that goes beyond framework and theories and prepare them to leverage their enhanced leadership capacity to build sustainable advantage for their workplace.
● Our Learning model is an active process in which the destination is not a specific set of skills, but a broader web of qualities that can be lifetime of leadership, a talent for analytical reasoning, a capacity exercising judgment, a respect for diverse point of view, an ability to communicate clearly and effectively and an appetite for diverse action

Course Structure

● Grounding You in the Basics
● Core courses in the first year enables you to build an analytic and computer science foundation, learn fundamental computing and management functions, and understand how those technology and functions integrate into ICT and business environments. Core courses firmly ground you in basic Computing disciplines and enable you to progress from a common knowledge base.