Visitors Speak

  • Mr. Abhishek Chandra

    Mr. Abhishek Chandra

    I have been tremendously impressed by the infrastructure and the commitment to excellence that is evident in every aspect of the institute. The quality of the facilities at Jagran Institute is truly remarkable. The campus is well-maintained, clean, and equipped with modern amenities.

  • Mr. Mario Fishery

    Mr. Mario Fishery

    Thank you for your hospitality. The campus is so beautiful. Your students are the most global citizens & your staff are simply amazing .Thank you for having me over the event.

  • Mr. Farhan Ahmad

    Mr. Farhan Ahmad

    Very well coordinated and had a great learning experience looking forward for more such interaction. Superb ambience and hospitality. Great job by JIM for giving students the opportunity to learn and grow.

  • Mr. Sudeep Goenka

    Mr. Sudeep Goenkar

    The environment in the Institute is like Gurukul. The learning is practical than theory. Kudos to Management & vision implementation by faculty.

  • Mr. Manoj Agarwal

    Mr. Manoj Agarwal

    Very good Institute & great seminar.

  • Prof.MLB Bhatt

    Prof. MLB Bhatt

    Congratulations on the auspicious occasion of 12th Convocation. I am highly impressed by the impressive infrastructure present with this great institute. My heartiest congratulations to all the awardees, medal winners and Jagran family on this day. Thanks for the invitation.

  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar

    Mr. Rajesh Kumar

    JIM is doing well in connecting the young Indians to management education with an aim to grow in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs. Its pedagogy has redefined the management education in terms of employability and developing an entrepreneurship culture among students.

  • jagran_biyani

    Sri. Kisore Biyani

    Excellent leadership and obligation of promoters will undoubtedly take Jagran Institute of Management to greater heights.

  • jagran_senghal

    Sri. H.K. Sehgal

    Very inspiring Infrastructure and learning environment. I wish them all the best.

  • jagran_naveen

    Sri. Naveen Jindal

    It is great to see the remarkable success achieved by Jagran Institute of Management in such a short span of time.

  • jagran_naveen

    Sri. Salman Khurshid

    I came, I saw I was conquered……it was wonderful to see the highly motivated shining faces of young managers of tomorrow. May the Jagran Institute of Management bask in the glory of true flowers. I wish your spring to be eternal.

  • jagran_naveen

    Prof. Sanjay G Dhande

    My best wishes for the success of this institute, it has excellent infrastructure and I sincerely wish to see JIM in time to come with a unique academic programme in management for aspiring students.

  • jagran_naveen

    Prof. Devi Singh

    Very impressive infrastructure and facilities. Good leadership and commitment of promoter will surely take JIM to greater heights. All the best for the future success.

  • jagran_naveen

    Swami Chidanand Saraswati

    Management education initiative of Dainik Jagran Group, beautifully aims to integrate the socially responsible business practices of modern business houses, well entwined with our traditional value system. I wish them all the best .

  • jagran_naveen

    Prof H.R. Nagendra

    What a nice Institute! All the best for total growth in all directions for Values and Personality Development.

  • jagran_naveen

    Mr.Vinod Malhotra

    Management Education initiative of Dainik Jagran Group, beautifully aims to integrate the socially responsible business practices of modern business houses, well entwined with our traditional value System. I wish them all the best.

  • jagran_naveen

    Prof. Jayanta Chatterjee

    Excellent infrastructure with academic rigor will certainly prove beneficial for the aspiring students.

  • jagran_naveen

    Sri. Dhruv Bhargava

    It was wonderful to interact with the students. I wish them all the best.

  • jagran_naveen

    Mr. Rajesh Saluja

    “I had a great interaction & experience addressing students. Their eagerness and curiosity to learn more was overwhelming. ”

  • jagran_naveen

    Mr. Hemant Sharma

    “Unparallel student audience, very attentive and disciplined. Loved the interaction and look forward for more such sessions”

  • jagran_naveen

    Dr. M.K. Tiwari

    “Very good and wonderful organisation with lot of energy. “

  • jagran_naveen

    Dr. Amey KarKare

    “I attended IC-IMMIT 2018. Very well organised conference. Keynote and guest speaker’s lectures were very informative and described the need of innovation for society, would like to see a successful future for society, would like to see a successful future for the conferences and best wishes to the institute.”

  • jagran_naveen

    Dr. Madeline

    “Excellent organization of ICMMIT Conference. Congratulation..”

  • jagran_naveen

    Mr. Umang Srivastava

    “Very good idea & topic to organise a conference on well organised..”

  • jagran_naveen

    Mr. Rajendra K. Bera

    “Delighted to be here..”

  • jagran_naveen

    Dr. Narendra Kohli

    “Very good event.”

  • jagran_naveen

    Dr. Rakhi Gupta

    “Great Initiative. Best wishes for many years to come !! I extend my warm wishes to the success of institute in all the aspects. Keep shining brighten and brighten. God bless you all! Great team work.”