Program Objective – MBA

● MBA program With the objectives of imparting high quality management education and training, Jagran Institute of Management is one of the fastest growing professional institutes in northern India.
● MBA at Jagran Institute of Management (JIM) aims to inculcate professionalism and values into the young generation. At JIM, we understand the gap between industry requirements and the skills that students possess.
● Our teaching pedagogy and training methodology is the key in transforming students to be ready to join corporate world as managers. Jagran Institute of Management is committed to excel in management education, training and contribute in holistic development of society and country.

Course Structure

● The 2-years curriculum is divided into 4 semesters. Training during these semesters is facilitated through lectures, tutorials, case studies, workshops, projects, seminars, group activities, industrial training, educational tours and conferences.
● In the first year of MBA program, core courses enable students to understand the basics of management education and learn terminologies in the areas of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.
● In the second year of MBA program, students learn core courses along with chosen elective specialization papers from the pool of papers.
● The curriculum also includes co-curricular activities as prescribed by the university.