Chairman's Desk

Welcome to the JIM's MBA & MCA Programs

Admission to Jagran Institute of Management is really an invitation. We ask you to engage the sum of your talent, your experience, and your dedication in an intensive, two-year program of transformation. Here, we encourage you to challenge your assumptions, acquire new skills, examine unfamiliar possibilities, and imagine unexpected opportunities and, most of all, to assume responsibility for yourself and for our world. We strongly believe that excellence in both Teaching & Research are our twin objectives that shape the activity of our students and faculty. Our informed, enriched teaching initiatives aims to provide all our students a challenging learning environment leading to highly informed and evaluative professionalism in Business Economics and Management Studies Our MBA Program learning experience at JIM is shaped by its cross-functional approach to general management, innovative teaching methodologies and excellent environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. In short, we invite you to turn your potential into a real capacity for leadership.

Mr. Yogendra Mohan Gupta