• Course Structure - MCA

    The 3 years curriculum is divided into 6 semesters. 1st to 5th includes lectures, tutorials, practicals and seminars as defined by the university from time to time.
    6th Semester will exclusively be devoted to practical training in the industries/organizations.
    The curriculum also includes the co-curricular activities as prescribed by the university.

Semester 1

  • MCA-111 (Professional Communication)
  • MCA-112 (Accounting and Financial Management)
  • MCA-113 (Computer Concepts and Programming in C)
  • MCA-114 (Discrete Mathematics)
  • MCA-115 (Organizational Behaviour)

Semester 2

  • MCA-211 (Environmental Science and Ethics)
  • MCA-212 (Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques)
  • MCA-213 (Data Structure Using C)
  • MCA-214 (Principles of Management)
  • MCA-215 (Computer Organization)